Biography of Trent Harmon from American Idol season 15.

Born on October 8th, 1990 to a family of successful entrepreneurs and farmers, Trent Harmon discovered he had an innate talent for the performing arts. Since then, he has performed in several musical productions at Amory High School and became a prodigious musician; he’s learned the piano, drums, and guitar.

Trent Harmon - American Idol Contestant - Bio

Trent Harmon – American Idol Contestant – Bio

His Christian background

Once he graduated high school, Trent Harmon became an emerging talent at the University of Arkansas-Monticello, where he performed in multiple musical productions and at public events. His participation in the campus worship club — a religious campus organization — proved to be beneficial as well. After he joined the organization and began singing church hymns and performing Christian music, attendance of the club and related worship services skyrocketed. “We had the football team and many others coming to those Thursday night meetings,” said Trent, “We asked what they wanted to hear and that is the music we played.” Trent Harmon’s music and piety went hand in hand. He remained a fixture of the worship club until his graduation. One of a handful of male contestants on the fifteenth and final season of American Idol, Trent Harmon is no stranger to performing before an audience. The musical theater buff and choirboy from Amory, Mississippi has risen to the top with aplomb.

Trent Harmon and a cute little girl

Trent Harmon and a cute little girl – I have no idea who she is

Auditioning for The Voice

Shortly after his graduation, Trent Harmon relocated to his family farm. He was persuaded by a close friend to audition for the popular NBC talent competition The Voice. Reluctant at first, Trent eventually gathered the courage to audition. “They take more into account of what you look like and your clothes since this is for television, and people will be seeing you,” attested Trent, “I took three suitcases of clothes. You have to look the part. If you are lucky, you get to wear your own clothes, but that doesn’t always happen. I was fortunate to wear my own.” After making several preparations — including procuring an outfit suitable for television supplied by a boutique-owner friend — Trent met the casting director of the show and sang. He was immediately invited to Los Angeles to perform “Jealous” by Nick Jonas on the set. From that point on, Trent Harmon was chasing auditions for an elusive spot on The Voice. He sang “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith during his New Orleans audition. Although The Voice didn’t pan out for Trent Harmon, he earned countless opportunities to perform once he’d returned home. For the first time in his life, Trent was sought out by vocalists and music contractors from all over the nation. He was on his way to a career in music.

His brief tenure on The Voice wasn’t the endgame for Trent Harmon, however; during the American Idol auditions in Little Rock, Arkansas, Trent surprised the judges with a rhythm and blues rendition of “Unaware” by Allen Stone. This farm boy wasn’t to be mistaken for an average bumpkin. Rather than a jaunty country tune, Trent Harmon sang a smooth, jazzy lullaby that had Jennifer Lopez swooning. He unsurprisingly won a ticket to Hollywood.

Trent Harmon making a funny face

Trent Harmon making a funny face

The country boy does admit to a few cliche habits, though. He professed that he often sang at his family’s steakhouse named — who’d have guessed — “The Longhorn”. He also admitted that he often serenaded his cows at the farm back home. Everything about Trent Harmon, bar his riveting singing voice, suggests a folksy charm befitting a Mississippi farm boy.

Hollywood rounds and sickness

Not all was ideal as Trent jetted off to Hollywood. During the group round, he came down with a nasty case of the contagious illness mononucleosis. He was incapable of performing among other people, so the inventive singer enrolled as a group of one. He chose the song “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. His performance was admittedly lackluster. Hampered by his illness, Trent Harmon couldn’t adequately perform until the following solo round — and perform he did.

Trent Harmon on the American Idol stage

Trent Harmon on the American Idol stage

Instead of the Johnny Cash solo the audience expected, Trent Harmon solidified his position in the top twenty-four of American Idol with a rendition of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Clad in a crimson fedora, Trent Harmon belted a flawless take on the classic hit. He had impeccable range control as he serenaded the crowd. His showmanship was admirable as well; he floated along the edge of the stage to meet the cheering crowd as he sang. His case of mono had passed just in time for a fantastic performance on the silver stage. One could compare Trent Harmon to a humble Robin Thicke; he’s got soul.

What does the future hold for Trent Harmon? Without a doubt, even if he without winning American Idol’s fifteenth season, Trent surely has a future in music. After his audition for The Voice, Trent was approached by an independent record label to compose a few songs. They had seen him perform live at a local restaurant and offered him the opportunity to advance his career.

What will Trent accomplish after American Idol? With a potential record deal already in place, Trent Harmon might not even need the elusive Big Machine Records deal. This is a man with the potential to pave his own path through the music industry. With a voice that is reminiscent of the most popular male performers of the contemporary industry and the charm of a folksy heartthrob, Trent Harmon has the potential to become a major celebrity. There is little possibility that he’s returning to the farm.

“In order to achieve anything of merit in the music industry,” Trent professed, “you have to leave the farm.” Although he diligently works on the farm — when he’s not singing to the cows, that is — Trent aspires to more. He surprised the judges with his raw ambition. Jennifer Lopez was a stammering wreck when he sang his first mellifluous melody. The other judges were astonished. Nobody expected the humble farm boy to belt out hardcore soul music. “Bar none, my favorite audition,” said Harry Connick Jr. after Trent’s first song. Trent was a real revelation in the second half of the season when he positioned himself as a true contender. Perhaps, one day, he’ll awe the world.

Biography of La’Porsha Renea.

La’Porsha Renae — a former cashier at Wal-Mart —was born and raised in the idyllic town of McComb, Mississippi. She began singing recreationally at the age of six. Since then, La’Porsha has performed at several professional venues before finally appearing on the grand stage of American Idol. La’Porsha has proven decisively that she’s one contestant that can give the judges a run for their money. Her exquisite vocal control when performing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” absolutely stunned the audience and judges alike. The applause following her performance was drawn-out and completely deserved. Guest judge and American Idol alumni Kelly Clarkson was at a loss for words. She described La’Porsha Renae as a woman blessed with a wealth of natural talent. After delivering her enthusiastic praise, Kelly Clarkson rose to emphatically cheer for the tearful songstress. The other judges soon followed; Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez joined in the standing ovation. Even Harry Connick Jr. was deeply impressed. That performance single-handedly solidified La’Porsha Renae’s spot in the top ten contestants of the fifteenth season of American Idol.

La'Porsha Renae on teh American Idol stage

La’Porsha Renae on teh American Idol stage

La’Porsha Renae is a stunning mother of one and a formidable contestant on the fifteenth and final season of American Idol. The afro-sporting musical powerhouse appeared in the company of her utterly adorable infant daughter, whom was held by judge Jennifer Lopez while La’Porsha belted a haunting rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead. La’Porsha Renae is a throwback to the soul music of Alicia Keys; “Creep”, a gravelly and obsessive piece about unrequited love, was transformed by La’Porsha’s uniquely soulful rendition. Her beautiful vibrato mimicked the hoarseness of the original singer, and her extended notes added emphasis to the darkest lyrics of the song.

La'Porsha Renae with curly hair and sans afro with her little baby girl

La’Porsha Renae with curly hair and without her signature afro with her little baby girl

La’Porsha Renae, like many of her predecessors, came from humble roots. She relocated from her hometown to California to pursue her singing career. As a busy mother of one, La’Porsha struggled to balance her passion for singing and caring for her daughter. The adorable tyke even accompanied La’Porsha to her initial American Idol audition. Needless to say, judge Jennifer Lopez was charmed and gleefully held the smiling infant while La’Porsha sang.

Despite her preoccupation with her infant daughter, La’Porsha still manages to be one of the most stylish contestants on the fifteenth season of American Idol. She appears as a perfectly primped soul singer, her afro coiffed into a flatteringly natural shape and her attire fabulously glamorous. She has a forceful and entrancing stage presence — a true “star quality” — that never ceases to enamor the audience. The beautiful singer performs with unwavering confidence in herself and her craft. To the casual observer, La’Porsha Renae was a star before she even appeared on the stage.

La'Porsha Renea with a big yellow snake

La’Porsha Renea with a big yellow snake

La’Porsha’s marvelously trained voice is her primary allure. She never wavers, cracks, or falters. Every shift of pitch is measured to perfection. Out of the many talented contestants appearing in the top ten of American Idol, La’Porsha is the one with superior control of her voice. Her meticulousness is either the product of constant training — a distinct possibility for someone as dedicated as La’Porsha — or the product of a natural comfort with herself. La’Porsha conveys an effortlessness in her style and performance, so it’s believable that she’s simply extraordinarily gifted. Regardless of the source of her intensely moving voice, La’Porsha was slated to be the victor of the season.

She cites her inspiration as an inherent attachment to her craft. She’s a singer, and a singer alone; nothing else has ever appealed to her as deeply as singing. La’Porsha Renae views singing as the most honest act of self-expression — a means of communication unrivaled by simple speech. “The thing I enjoy most about music,” she states, “is that it is such a universal language. I am fortunate to have many opportunities to have such meaningful conversations through song.”

La'Porsha Renae with her daughter - American Idol Contestant

La’Porsha Renae with her daughter – American Idol Contestant

That is the primary drive for a world-class musician. Throughout their trials and triumphs, some may falter, but the genuine artifact will maintain their devotion for the craft. It’s a stressful job. It’s the act of tearing your soul from your body and presenting it to a hungry public. It’s not child’s play. La’Porsha Renae has seen her fair share of struggles in life, and she’s prepared to follow the tortuous path to fame. Performing before a crowd of thousands — controlling your voice while enduring the anxiety of performing in public — is an admirable act. La’Porsha has the voice of a musical visionary. She only needs a dose of ambition and a handful of luck to rise to stardom.

Jennifer Lopez crying during a performance by La'Porsha Renae

Jennifer Lopez crying during a performance by La’Porsha Renae

Many contestants come from humble roots, but none so much as La’Porsha. With a cast of contestants that include the daughter of famed pop star Brenda K. Starr, the fifteenth season of American Idol is shaping up to be an exercise in self-promotion. La’Porsha Renae and her less-exposed contemporaries redeem that situation. La’Porsha juggled an active life as a mother, a financially independent woman, and a vocalist before arriving on the silver stage. She had many nicknames among her peers — Nae Nae, Kokumo Asha, Sunshine, KoKo, and L.R — but she’s settled on the memorable moniker of La’Porsha Renae. With that stage name, she’s taken the American Idol universe by storm. She has a promising future as a professional vocalist, undoubtedly bolstered by her stunning performance on American Idol. She’s clearly no lackluster bar singer. She’s a woman who communicates her deepest and most intimate emotions and experiences through the medium of song.

La’Porsha Renae has been considered a favorite to win season 15 especially with the obvious push for a female winner for the last season.