January 28, 2009

Ann Marie Boskovich is a season 8 American Idol contestant who auditioned in Jacksonville, Florida. Her audition was aired on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009. The judges instantly liked her. So much so that they asked her to go out there and put on a star look before coming back for a proper audition. They already see in her a star in the making! That’s a good sign for Ann Marie. She actually has good vocals and was decently dressed. Sure she was not all diva or beauty pageant looking but she had that girl next door look. Watch her audition video below.

Don’t let those looks fool you though. It almost looks like she chose to dress down because I’ve found pictures of her where she looks more like an artist, performer, entertainer or whatever they are called these days. She most likely will make it through Hollywood and beyond. I’ve seen a few more videos Ann Marie Boskovich where she sings original songs, not covers. Can’t wait to watch her do her thing on the show.

Below you can see her audition picture side by side with a pre-idol picture of her, see the difference:
ann marie boskovich american idol season 8 jascksonvilleann marie boskovich

Brent Keith…Smith??

by MJ on

Brent Keith, also known as Brent Keith Smith auditioned for American Idol season 8 in Louisville. He’s some sort of country singer who looks much better on TV than he does on his myspace. Here is a photo of him taken from his profile.

When he auditioned, all the judges seemed to like him very much. He is very talented. Even though Simon had a few not completely positive remarks it was obvious that Brent Keith was one of the most talented people they’ve heard since the auditions started in Louisville. I did expect Simon to say YES but apparently the other judges were afraid he was going to say NO. Not like that would have mattered since he does not need more than three Yeses to make to to Hollywood. Like I said, they would have been mad not to say yes to him.

Brent is 29, from, Blanchester Ohio. He says that his style is a blend of contemporary country music and classic rock. He’s been a member of a band which name I didn’t find anywhere, for nine years.

In my opinion Brent Keith will go far in this competition because he is more talented than most of the contestants we’ve seen auditioning so far. Of course the auditions are not over so many AI has many more good surprises in store for us as they continue to tour the country in search of a star.

Below is his audition video see the difference from his picture, he even looks younger during the audition.