February 27, 2009

Kris Allen on American Idol

by MJ on

Kris Allen is 23 and a native of Conway, Arkansas. He’s a student at UCA. He received a lot of support from friends and fellow students at UCA who voted for him as much as they could. Their effort paid off as he is through to the top 12. Now, You can find Kris Allen photos all over the internet and his fan clubs are flourishing.

I still can’t believe he chose to sing a Michael Jackson song. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the kids who watch this show have never heard this song at all. And yet somehow he made it through. Apparently his looks are working for him. Good, because he doesn’t seem to be trying too hard on that side. Yet the guy is so short.

Anyway, Kris Allen secured a seat in the top twelve without having to go through the wild card round. Good for him, let’s hope he makes the best out of it. I guess American Idol always needs at least one cute and fit boy in the top 12.
Kirs Allen

Searches online are already soaring from people wanting to know if Kris is married??? I checked online and apparently he is and his wife’s name is Katy. Sorry girls.

I guess Simon was right the chicks did love him.
Kris Allen performance top 12

Watch the video of Kris Allen’s performance singing Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Don’t let the still of Kara distract you. It’s from a previous scene.

One thing that I like about American idol and all its contestants is how people all over the internet will come and claim to know contestants personally. Sure, many times it’s probably true but there is always a doubt in the back of my head.

Kris seemed to have picked up some of the Michael Castro fans which is good for him. Remember Jason Castro had a huge and extremely devoted fan base. Assuming the now Kris Allen fans are ex-Jason fans from last season, there is more than hope for him to make it far unless he gives a really awful performance. Lucky guy.

Adam Lambert reaching in the top 12

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Adam Lambert is a performer, he plays in musicals, the stage has no secrets for him. Since he lives in Hollywood, when he won his golden ticket he said:” I’m going back home“.
adam lambert
I did find his performance to be too theatrical for my taste, I know it’s due to his background but yet it judges didn’t sound right for American Idol. I really didn’t think he was a great fit but I’m not one of the judges and maybe America will like him. He still has at least one more chance to convice let’s see if he’ll make the best out of it.
adam lambert top 12 american idol
You can watch Adam Lambert’s audition below

As you can see from his audtion he seems able to sing technically and since he has been performing in front of audiences for a while he shouldn’t suffer too much from the pressure or any form of stage fright when he will have to perform live. Unless he chooses a song that is completely wrong for him he should be one of the three to secure a spot in the top 12. In fact I find that they put him in a group with many of the lesser-known people. I’m not saying that the others are not vocally capable but simply that we don’t know much of their stories to actually “care enough” whether they make it to the top 12 or not. There are maybe two or three people that don’t fall into that category but no more than that. And again, not many of the judge’s favorites are included in this group also.

It almost seems like the first group was built in such a manner that it would inevitably eliminate many of the people that were announce as strong contestants even before they showed them auditioning. So much for those early predictions.

Adam Lambert has this kind of gothic look with the eyeliner and black nail polish, I wouldn’t call him emo but…. Look at him in this picture below, he looks like a vampire, quite scary if you ask me… I think he should tone down the gothic look a little otherwise he won’t go to far because if he is not willing to tone down his looks he probably won’t tone down his performances either. America is looking for a pop star not a goth star at least not for now.

You can watch Adam Lambert’s top 36 performance video below. He sings Satisfaction from the Rolling Stones