April 3, 2009

Kris Allen’s sexy look

by MJ on

Kris Allen sexy look
This week we got to see Kris Allen talking about how he was asked by photographers to give a sexy look for the photos and he even showed us on the show how he did it. I found a pretty nice picture of Kris Allen . I’m not sue he’s doing the sexy look in it though.

Kris Allen sexy lookKris’s fan base is slowly but surely growing bigger and bigger every week, if he keeps on choosing the right songs and delivering them the way he did this week he should go very far in this competition when you consider the fact that he has a likability factor that some of the other remaining contestants just lack at this point. Of course we have to say that he did get to sing last. It’s called the “pimp” spot which guarantees maximum exposure to anyone fortunate enough to get it. The contestant who sings last has the chance to make the most lasting impression of the night, this is especially true when there are still many contestants left and when the performance nights lasts two hours.

Watch Kris Allen singing “Ain’t no Sunshine” in this video