April 24, 2011

James Durbin Bio

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Update: James Durbin and Heidi Lowe wed on New Year’s Eve in a chapel in Santa Cruz, Jame’s hometown. Hunter, their 2-year-old son was the ring bearer. Fellow American Idol season 10 contestants Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams attended the ceremony.

This is a short biography of American Idol season 10 contestant James Durbin. It includes photos of James with his wife fiance wife and son as well as other pictures taken before and during James’ time as a contestant on American Idol Season 10. I hope you will enjoy reading this  James Durbin bio and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Pia Toscano Bio

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Here is a brief bio of Pia Toscano along with photos taken before and during American Idol season 10. You will also find some thoughts on her premature elimination from the show along with pictures of Pia and a video.

Pia Toscano elimination
Photo of Pia Toscano taken before American Idol Season 10

See photos of Pia Toscano crying after being eliminated.

It was Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 when Pia impressed everyone with her performance of “I’ll Stand by You.” Ironically, it would be her last performance on the American Idol 10th season. It was an appropriate choice for her final performance after being eliminated from the American Idol Show. The show is getting down to the final few episodes for season ten and there was tension in the air. It seemed as if most people did not expect or want Pia Toscano to be eliminated. But, she was.

Pia Toscano pictures

Pia Ann Rose Toscano grew up in Howard Beach, Queens, New York. She went to the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York City. She sang the American National Anthem numerous times for the Mets’ minor league team. She even won an award for her singing of the National Anthem. Pia performed in the wedding band “Current Affair.” She has also performed at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NYC. Pia Toscano auditioned two times for American Idol before she was granted passage to the tenth season.

Pia was widely supported by the judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. During her performance on March 2nd, 2011 she received a standing ovation. Even vocal coach Jimmy Iovine was hoping that she would knock Randy Jackson “out of his chair” so he can finally start jumping up an down. She did just that. After the March 2nd show her performances drew much attention and positive criticism from the judges. Pia Toscano continued to receive praises from the American Idol judges and they believed that she would be one of the top finalists.

Well, Pia was eliminated from the American Idol: Search for a Superstar Show on Thursday, April 7th, 2011. For many, especially the judges, this was an unexpected and emotional announcement made by Ryan Seacrest. The American Idol judges even expressed their anger about the voting results. The other contestants and audience members became teary eyed as Ryan Seacrest asked Pia to sing one more song before leaving. Ryan turned to Randy Jackson to have him suggest what song Pia should sing. But Randy, with surprised anger in his voice said that Pia did not deserve to be voted off and that she should sing whatever she felt like singing. The other judges agreed with Randy and expressed their desire to stand by Pia during her future career. She appropriately chose to sing “I’ll Stand by You.” Everyone became emotional. Literally everyone in the theater was crying. Except for Pia Toscano, she held on to the very end, until she finished her song and realized that her run on the American Idol’s tenth season was over. Pia looked as gorgeous as she usually do in her photos. She fell into tears and all the contestants and judges rushed to hug her during this time of disappointment. But Pia will get over it; she is a strong woman from New York City. Besides, she has been on American Idol, one of the best platforms for any performer. Why she was voted off is hard to say. Randy  suggested that maybe her fans became complacent and did not vote. He said “if you want someone to win you have to vote for them.” We are sure that fans around the world will “vote” for Pia as she moves beyond the tenth season of American Idol.

Watch Pia Toscano sign I’ll stand by you in the video below



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