April 30, 2012

Below is the biography of American Idol season 11 contestant Phillip Phillips.

Phillip LaDon Phillips, Jr is an American rock singer who was born in Leesburg, Georgia on September 20th of 1990. He is also a contestant on the 11th season of American Idol.

Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips. Someone called him “yummy”. What do you think?

All of Phillip Phillips performances from the top 13 to the top 4 can be found on iTunes:

Top 4 (with Joshua Ledet) This Love
Top 4 Volcano
Top 4 Have You Ever Seen Rain
Top 5 The Letter
Top 5 Time of The Season
Top 6 The Stone
Top 6 Fat Bottomed Girls
Top 7 In The Midnight Hour
Top 7 U Got it Bad
Top 7 Give a Little More
Top 8 That’s All
Top 9 Still Rainin’
Top 10 Movin’ Out(Anthony’s Song)
Top 12 Hard to Handle
Top 13 Superstition

Phillips graduated from the Lee County High School before attending Albany Technical College. He currently has a degree in Industrial Systems Technology, but was unable to actually attend the graduation ceremony as a result of his participation in the American Idol contest.

Throughout his childhood, Phillips helped his father run their local pawnshop. It was here that he had access to instruments and by the time he was 14 he was already performing locally. He knows how to play the guitar, bass, drums and piano. His band is called G&S and they have been playing for sometime in the Albany, Georgia area.

Phillip Phillips auditions for Season 11 of American Idol in Savannah Georgia where he received his golden ticket after performing “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. He had also brought his guitar with him, but did not use it in his audition. As a result, the judges asked him to do another audition with his guitar for which Phillips performed “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Phillips is considered to be extremely talented and was able to float through the early rounds of the competition with ease. As with most of the top contestants, it would not be until the semi-finals that his talents would really begin to show. For the top 13 males spot, Phillips would perform “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins which would land him in the top 5 spot for the males and made him a shoe in for the top 10 spot.

Many people began to make the assumption that Phillips was a big Phil Collins fans as a result of the number of performances he made by Phil Collins or in a Collins like mannerism. When asked, Phillips simply stated that while he was not a crazy fanatic of Collins, he does think that his songs are “awesome.”

Phillip Phillips favorite bands are Tool, Dave Matthews, Johnny Lang and Mumford & Sons. It is his love for Dave Mathews which has inspired his performances. However, it is his looks which have continued to inspire his growing fan base from around the world.

However, during the round, Phillip Phillips suffered a medical emergency for which he was rushed to the hospital. It is believed that he had suffered from a possible kidney stone which would have made the remainder of the competition fairly difficult if not taken care of as quickly as possible. Luckily though, Phillips was back and ready for action the following week.

During the Top 9 round, along with Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips was named by Lee DeWyze as his personal favorites and top picks for the top spots of Season 11. He has since elevated above this position and having done so, landed him as one of the top 10 contestants; all of which will be participating in the annual summer concert tour. When Phillips performed “Still Raining” by Johnny Lang, he received a standing ovation; the third standing ovation received by the contestants on that particular night. By the end of the competition though, Phillip Phillips will have collected a great number of standing ovations, but none of that will compare to the very bright future that this extremely talented artists has ahead of him. He has a great voice and a gift when it comes to singing, playing musical instruments and of course his amazing stage presence which keeps the fans asking for more. Of course his looks do help a bit. In the end though, Phillip Phillips has just about everything he needs already to become a big star and regardless as to the outcome of Season 11 of American Idol, you can bet that Phillips will be a common name heard on the local radio stations for quite some time to come.

As long as he continues to push hard and strive for perfection, Phillips has a good future ahead of him in the music business. He also has himself an extremely large following already which will help to propel him into stardom. But don’t worry, you can see him live in concert long before this happens because he has already made the top ten and will be touring this summer along with the rest of the Season 11 top contestants.

 Phillip Phillips

AMERICAN IDOL: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Below is the biography of Jessica Sanchez with photos of her from the time she spent on American Idol season 11.

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

If you are looking for music released by Jessica, click here.

Jessica Sanchez is an American singer who loves R&B, pop, soul and hip hop. She is also a contestant on the 11th season of American Idol. She was born on August 4th of 1995 in Chula Vista, California to Edita and Gilbert Sanchez. She is the eldest of three kids. Her father is a Mexican American from Texas and a US Navy Veteran. Her mother is a Filipina from Bataan.

Sanchez grew up in Chula Vista, California where she attended Eastlake Middle School, but recently her family moved to San Diego. Her favorite subject in school was choir and she even sang the US National Anthem at a San Diego Charger’s game. Even though her entire school knew that she sang at the game, Jessica preferred to stay out of the lime light. She has been selected for a full scholarship with the Theater of Arts in Hollywood and is currently undergoing home schooling.

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

According to her family, Jessica Sanchez started singing when she was only 2 years old. Today, Jessica still aspires to be a singer who can belt out but at the same time still sing at an upbeat tempo. Her idols are the likes of Beyonce, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. When she was only 10 years old, Jessica Sanchez had the opportunity to sing at the Apollo where she performed “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. She got a standing ovation for her singing and even after she left the stage, the audience continued on. So much in fact, that the host of the show, Whoopi Goldberg, had to call Jessica back on to the stage for a second round of applause.

She went on to compete in America’s Got Talent and while her audition was great, she was eliminated from the show during the semi-finals. She has also sung the US National Anthem for the San Diego chargers twice, once in September of 2008 versus the New York Jets and again in September of 2009 against the Miami Dolphins.

A few months later, she would record her first cover with an independent record label Jessica Sanchez sang Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop the Music”. She would also go on to create another cover which was made an exclusive YouTube download. She was also part of the “We Are the World 25 for Haiti” video.
Needless to say, by the time that Jessica Sanchez actually auditioned for Season 11 of American Idol, she had more experience than most of the contestants in real-life competition. She joined the auditions in San Diego where she left with a golden ticket.

Jessica Sanchez would literally float through the first half of rounds in the competition. It was nothing for this born-star to take on the competition as if it was just part of any regular day. By the Semi-finals, Jessica was well on her way. She chose to perform “Love You I Do” by Jennifer Hudson where she received the only standing ovation that night. She continued on with her perfect pitch and timing through several more rounds without so much as a worry. From the judges to the magazines and even the news companies like CNN, Jessica Sanchez was quickly making a name for herself. In three days time, a video of her uploaded to YouTube received more than five million hits. Time and time again, Jessica has been praised and supported by some of the biggest names in the industry today. She definitely has what it takes to make it big, and she does so with charisma and style; almost effortlessly as if she was born to be a star. While the judges did have to use a save on Jessica, she is definitely a real challenge when it comes to Season 11 of American Idol. Having already made it into the top ten, you can expect to see her with the rest of the top contestants on the Season’s summer tour. Regardless of what happens though, you can bet that Jessica Sanchez is far from being done and she has so much more potential than anyone can imagine. It will not be long before she gets her first chart topper. Yet many people will always remember her as that little girl who won the hearts of the world when she entered into the American Idol competition.

She has already come such a long way, but she is definitely not finished yet. She still has a full paid scholarship with the Theater of Arts in Hollywood where she will be able to refine and fine tune her abilities; making sure that she will be the best that she can be.