June 13, 2012

Home – Phillip Phillips

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There are at least two versions of “Home” by Phillip Phillips. There is the first one from the live performance on the American Idol Finale and there is the single version which is a studio recorded version of the same song.

I have only heard the one from the live show therefore I cannot say which one is better however there is a chance that the voice and the sound quality of the studio version might be better.

If you are looking to buy the live version on iTunes it gets a bit tricky. iTunes only sales this version as part of the American Idol -Season Finale – Season 11- EP. This is unfortunate especially for people who might not want to spend $5 for one song. The good news is for that price you get not one but three Phillip Phillips live performances however you also get three Jessica Sanchez songs and for some that might be bad news. You still get a total of six songs for $5 ($4.99 actually). It’s a slightly better deal than getting just the Home single for $1.29 but again it’s a studio version and it’s Phillip’s first single so if you are a fan it might be worth it after all!

You can use the widget below to listen to a clip from both versions of the song.



Home – Single by Phillip Phillips

Home - Home - Single

American Idol – Season Finale – Season 11 – EP- Various Artists

American Idol - Season Finale - Season 11 - EP - Various Artists

The Phillip Phillips Collection

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Now that Phillip Phillips has won American Idol season 11, you can get the collection of his American idol performances in the exclusive collection titled “journey to the finale”. This collection does not include Phillip’s most popular hit song “Home” which was also his coronation song. You can get “Journey to the Finale” exclusively from iTunes just click on the cover below or on the iTunes button.

Phillip Phillips: Journey to the Finale - Phillip Phillips

His most popular song “Home” is also available exclusively on iTunes as a single you can get it separately : Home (American Idol Performance) – by Phillip Phillips – Single.

I checked earlier today and “Home” is in the top 30 songs on iTunes while Phillip Phillip’s “Journey to the finale” is in the top 25 albums.

Remember that all contestants performances can only be bought (legally) from iTunes.