November 5, 2013

Jamar Rogers Drink of You video

by MJ on

Jamar Rogers released his latest video for his song “Drink of You” on Halloween.

Jamar Rogers was a contestant on American Idol season 8 (2009) when he was also known as Danny Gokey’s BFF. Back then the audience was not aware of his back story which includes overcoming crystal meth addiction and living with HIV. Rogers decided to share all this on the Voice season 2 (2012). He would get eliminated the week before the finals.

To me Jamar will always be Danny Gokey’s BFF because they seemed like such an odd couple at the time and Gokey was an early favorite of season 8.

Jamar Rogers and Danny Gokey on American Idol season 8 - Drink of you video

Jamar Rogers and Danny Gokey

When I heard Jamar Rogers story on the voice, I was a bit chocked because I knew him from AI and realized that he had kept it a secret at the time. But after I read more of his story from I found it quite inspiring actually and his friendship with Gokey seemed like the most predictable thing that could happen.