How Old is Lauren Alaina’s Mom?

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A lot of people are wondering how old Kristy Suddeth is after seeing many times on American Idol with her daughter, season 10 finalist Lauren Alaina who is only 16 years old and was still in high school when she auditioned.

Lauren Alaina and her mom during Lauren’s homecoming

Kristy Suddeth is listed as being 37 years old, as of May 24 2011. I found this information on a website therefore I have no way to know how accurate or up to date it is.

Lauren Alaina’s full name is Lauren Alaina Suddeth. You may have noticed over the course of the show that Lauren and her mom Kristy often have similar hairdos. In the picture above they are also wearing similar clothing. It’s clear that Lauren and her mother are very close. Lauren being a minor, she is allowed to have a parent stay with her during her time on American Idol.

Kristy Suddeth and her daughter Lauren Alaina crying on American Idol

In the Finale, Lauren sang “Like My Mother Does”, she also took the time to go down in the audience and embraced her mom who was crying.
Here are pictures of Lauren Alaina and her mom that I have found online. All these photos were taken during Lauren’s time on the show.

Kristy and JJ Suddeth, Lauren Alaina’s parents


Kristy and J.J. Suddeth, mother and father of Lauren Alaina
Kristy Suddeth

Tomorrow night the new American Idol will be crowned and we will finally know for whom America voted the most. Will Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina win American Idol season 10? On Wednesday May 25 at 8PM on Fox we will find out.

If you guys are right Scotty should win tomorrow and apparently you have been certain about that since last week. To be honest I am not a huge country fan but Scotty does come across as a nice guy, he really grew on me over the course of the competition. After seeing the footage from his homecoming I was sold. Keep in mind that I was one of those who thought and still think that Lauren has this star quality, she seems very comfortable on state, she’s cute and she doesn’t seem to try too hard to deliver a good performance but that’s the problem with her she’s good but I feel like she didn’t have a definite moment when you saw in her the next American Idol. One more reason why I wish Scotty wins is because it seems that the judges and the producers on the show are trying really hard to have a female winner this year and for that they are pushing Lauren really hard and at times it feels like they have put on a set up to justify the fact that she should win. While I understand the desire to have a female winner after 3 consecutive male idols I also believe that Scotty deserves to win as much -if not more- as Lauren does, he earned his place in the finale and proved by the quality of his performances that he had what it takes to be the season 10 American Idol.

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i really hope lauren would of won i voted for her she is a very beautiful an talented lady and her song like my mother does is an absolutely amazing song it brings a tear to my eye every time i hear it i wish her the best in everything she does and will do i wish her the best in the new year hope it is a great one for her keep doing what your doing lauren God Bless u an ur family beautiful


Why is her last name suddeth? We all got so used to saying Lauren alaina and now we r being told that isn’t her name. But either way….. LAUREN IS OUR CHAMP! But I love Scotty to and they should date!!!!!


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