Adam Lambert

Adam Lamber has been labeled a front-runner ever since he auditioned for th show. And yet he found himself in the bottom three while there were only five contestants left.

Many people thought it was shocking and they don’t even believe that he could have receive fewer votes than Kris Allen? Indeed many people view Adam as the most capable singer left if not the most capable for this entire season.
adam lambert american idolYet, after reading many comments left on blogs and news articles I’ve come to the conclusion that:

1- The race is really close this years. Don’t ask me why, all I know is that because someone has been always safe in the beginning it doesn’t mean that person cannot be in danger. As the show nears the end it is inevitable that some “favorites” will have to go home. It’s also a fact that some contestants actually improve with time. Being consistently good just isn’t enough to win, you have to be better than how you were when you entered the competition.

2- Some people simply don’t like Adam. I’m not talking about those that plainly hate him but about those that don’t find him to be humble enough. Yes, the most common comment was that being in the bottom three should teach Adam a thing or two about humbleness. I believe it comes from the fact that Adam actually chose a side when Ryan Seacrest asked him which group he thought he was with. Last season, the always super-safe David Archuleta knew better and he was only 17. Adam should know better. Unless he had actually seen the results from Ryan’s card he simply should not have assumed he was with the people who “looked” safe. Besides, at that point, nobody knew for sure whether Alyson and Danny were safe or in the bottom three. Also it seems to me Adam miscalculated. He should have assumed that there would be a bottom three and not a top three. Even if he did believe he was safe he should have assumed that the only group of three would be the bottom three and that is where he would land.