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Casey Abrams was saved

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casey abrams saved
Casey Abrams and Ryan Seacrest after the Judge’s save

All three judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez unanimously agreed that Casey Abrams, the contestant who received the least number of votes after the top 11 performance night deserved to be saved and given a chance to sing another week. Casey shared the bottom three with fellow contestants, Thia Megia and Stefano Langone. Online American Idol expert were predicting an Haley Reinhart elimination I guess they got it completely wrong this time and it’s for the better because I still don’t understand why so many people on the internet dislike her and even the judges give her a hard time. These same experts however correctly predicted that Thia and Stefano would both be in the bottom three.


casey abrams american idol
Now you see why some people think he’s scary

Casey Abrams has had health issued that caused him to be hospitalized not once but twice during the season, he even missed a show. Casey is also known for being called “sexy” by Jennifer Lopez and for his growling!

Casey Abrams suffers from ulcerative colitis. Many idol fans seem to dislike Casey because of his appearance, he has a seemingly unkept beard.

While I don’t agree with the judges I can understand the appeal for Casey.

Casey Abrams was at the hospital during the Top 13 election results. Thankfully for him he was safe which should bring him comfort while he is suffering from severe stomach pains again. Casey was hospitalized once before while on the show, right before the guys Top 12 performance. He received a blood transfusion and made it back in time to perform an secure his spot on the top 10. Casey Abrams is 20 years old and a very talented musician.

casey abrams

Watch Casey’s Top 13 performance video, he sand With a Little Help from my Friends, the Joe Croker version

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