HeeJun Han

Below is the biography of HeeJun Han, a contestant on American Idol season 11.

Heejun Han is a pop and R&B singer from Flushing, Queens, New York and a contestant on the 11th Season of American Idol. He was born on April 20 of 1989 in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He and his family migrated from South Korea to New York when he was only 12 years old. Since then he has attended and graduated from the Francis Lewis High School.

HeeJun Han Bio

HeeJun Han on American Idol Season 11 and his glassless specs aka fake glasses

Prior to auditioning for American Idol Season 11, he worked as a non-profit organizer for the Milal Wheat Mission, which is a Missionary School in Flushings which is dedicated to working with children with special needs. He has stated on a number of occasions that it is through working with the children hat he has overcome a great number of obstacles in his own life, and that it was the children who encouraged him to audition for American Idol.

Heejun Han would go to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where he would audition for American Idol. For his audition, Han performed “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by Michael Bolton where he received his golden ticket after bringing Jennifer Lopez to tears. In a surprising act, Han would perform the very same song in Hollywood where he would advance into the next round. Unfortunately, in the group performance round, he would perform with Richie Law, Phillip Phillips and Jairon Jackson, “Broken Strings” by James Morrison. Law didn’t like the suggestions of the other group members and as a result, their performance was a disaster. However, luckily for Han, the group still advanced.

Heejun Han

Heejun Han

By the time the semi-finals rolled around, Heejun Han was ready to make a serious attempt for the American Idol top position. After performing “Angels” by Robbie Williams, he was selected as one of the top five male contestants to advance into the top 13 round. This made history as Heejun Han would be the first ever East Asian contestant to advance into the Top 13 in American Idol History. Furthermore, he was the first Korean to ever reach the finals. Han would go on to perform “All in Love Is Fair” by Stevie Wonder and “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. On both performances, it would be stated by the judges that they were not the best, nor were they perfect, but they were really good, good enough to advance him on through one round right after another. After ensuring that he travels with the rest of the Top 10 contestants on Season 11 of American Idol during the season’s summer tour, Heejun would perform “My Life” by Billie Joel. However, this was not the best choice for him as he barely made it through to the next round, being in the bottom three. However, it was a good thing that he did advance because the following round, Heejun Han would perform “A Song For You” by Leon Russell where he would receive a standing ovation from the judges. He even received the comment from Jennifer Lopez, “That was the most beautiful tone and the most beautiful vibrato.”

Regardless, Heejun Han would receive the lowest number of votes for this performance. While Jennifer Lopez had wanted to use her save on him, she was unable to do so as a result of the split decision on the judges’ panel. Heejun would place 9th for the 11th Season of American Idol. Heejun Han is an amazing musician who has set a number of records during American Idol, some of which may never be beaten. His voice is a pleasure to listen to and while he may not have placed first for the season, his performances were legendary and he will be remembered for each and every single one of them.
He will however, be able to join in on the season’s Top 10 tour which occurs every single summer. Along with the other top contestants for Season 11 of American Idol, Heejun will travel the US performing live for his fan base.

He has a long career ahead of him and while he may not have one the American Idol recording contract, that does not mean one will not be offered to him. You can expect to see a whole lot more of Han in the next few years. While he may still return to working with the special needs children back in Flushing, he will always have room for putting on a great show or two from time to time.

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