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Jacob Lusk Bio

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This is a Jacob Lusk bio which aims to help you know this American Idol season 10 contestant better. You will also find pictures of Jacob Lusk. Comments are welcome for all those who want to share information about Jacob or would like to ask any questions about him.

Jacob Lusk was born in the city of Compton located just southeast of downtown Los Angeles in California. He arrived to this world on June 23, 1987 and now has tasted a bit of fame thanks to his singing talent evidenced on the tenth season of the well-known show American Idol.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob Lusk

There are reports that state he started singing at the age of four. Jacob stated that he has been singing all of his life; as a matter of fact he doesn’t even remember when he first started to do so. He realized he was great at it when he was just a little boy in the first grade. His parents and life itself are his inspiration. He however joked on the show when contestants had to sing songs from their birth year that his mother should not sing.

Jacob is an active member of his church; he serves as a music minister and attends bible study. He also enjoys participating in activities that involve volunteer work since it is no secret that he likes giving his time and effort to others. Jacob has always shown a strong faith in God; this is evident in his Facebook profile with status updates such as “Thank you Lord for Restoration!” He has also stated that Sunday is his favorite day of the week.

Jacob Lusk hugging Pia Toscano crying
Jacob Lusk hg Pia Toscano crying

Jacob was working as a spa concierge and wasn’t planning on auditioning for American Idol, however the tons of calls he got from family and friends pushed him to give it a try. And boy, were they right, his Facebook page has over ten thousand likes and the show is not over yet.

Jacob Lusk and Nate Dogg

However as stated before this was not his first contact with music. He has been singing since he was a kid but he was also very close friends with the late rapper  Nate Dogg. Coincidentally Nate Dogg also started singing as a child at the New Hope Baptist Church. They met in 2007 when Jacob decided to audition for the gospel group known as “InNate Praise” which was performed by Nate. Jacob got the part and their close friendship was started at this point. They spent the following two years performing at different churches in LA County.

Nate Dogg passed away on March 15, 2011 of a congestive heart failure. This must have been a hard hit on Jacob who did not make much comment on it besides the one he tweeted ‘Nate Dogg gone? Can’t be true….I’m gonna miss him telling me to CALM DOWN!!!! Or saying HERE HE GO….GREAT MAN..I knew him LOVE YOU MAN!” Perhaps this is one of the things that have affected his life. Jacob remains sort of a mystery but he revealed to American Idol that he has been through a lot and he has not always done the right thing in life. This might be a comment seeking pardon for his last remark on the show when he performed Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. He stated that if he was to be in the bottom 3 it would mean that “America didn’t look at themselves in the mirror” a remark that soon generated tons of tweets and comments on the World Wide Web, some negative and some positive.

Whomever America decides is the winner, there is no doubt that Jacob is loved by thousands of people. Some people are predicting that Jacob might be the one eliminated tonight but we will see as America has been surprising us week after week with their choices of favorites.