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After being in the bottom three twice Karen Rodriguez was sent home on American Idol top 12 result night. Other bottom 3 dwellers were Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart. Once again the judges decided not to use their save to keep her on the show after Karen sang for her life and begged them for another chance. But her rendition of Hero by Mariah Carey just wasn’t enough. Karen Rodriguez is a 21 year old student from New York.

Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez initially auditioned for American Idol season 10 on MySpace then she came to Los Angeles to audition for the Judges for a chance to make it to Hollywood. She blew them away and received a gold ticket.

She wanted to be the first Latina American Idol. Selena is her idol and she sang her songs in the competition. Personally I did not enjoy her Spanglish version of songs. Do not get me wrong I like latin music and there are a number of latino singers among my favorite artists but it is American Idol and most people probably don’t understand what she’s saying when she’s singing in Spanish.

Karen is very talented as all her fellow top 12 contestants are but at this stage in the competition talent is not enough, she really needed to wow the audience and the judges in order to stay unfortunately she has failed to do that.

In her MySpace audition she sang “You Give Good Love” by Whitney Houston.

Watch Karen Rodriguez‘ audition video below

Watch Karen Rodriguez sing Hero in this video

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