Michael Johns

Michael Johns’ Wife Stacey Vuduris

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Michael Johns was a contestant on American Idol season 7. He made it all the way to the top 9, until what some thought was a surprise elimination.

In this photo he is posing with his wife Stacey Vuduris.
Michael Johns' wife Stacey

Indeed Michael Johns was seen as being a contestant who could have won. He was mentioned during season 8 as they were introducing the judges save. Some, including the judges thought that his departure from the show was premature. Undoubtedly they would have used the save for him like they did for Matt Giraud this year.

Michael came back earlier this season to sing with Carly Smithson, another contestant from last season. The two have been working on their albums this year.

You can watch Michael Johns perform “Heart on my Sleeve” which is the first single from his new solo album.

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Photo and video by Richard Rushfield from LA times Idol Tracker