Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone was born on February 27, 1989. He is a pianist who auditioned in San Francisco for American Idol season 10. The judges were unanimous in sending him to Hollywood. He made it to the top 24 but was unable to secure a spot in the top 10. Luckily the judges chose him and a group of other contestants who didn’t make it to the top 10 to sing for a chance to be a while card pick. Three were selected, Naima Adedapo, Ashton Johson and Stefano Langone.

Stefano Langone on American Idol

Stefano Langone on American Idol

Stefano Langone was in a near-fatal car accident. When the firefighter found him he first thought that Langone was dead.

Like Jennifer Lopez, I think Stefano has star quality, the only thing I have against him is the fact that he does not look right into the camera the way Paul McDonald does.

The DUI scandal

In 2010 Stefano Langone was arrested for a DUI. He was caught by a Washington State Patrol Trooper while speeding and changing lanes without signaling. Langone subsequently failed standard field sobriety tests and a breath test. Stefano was then arrested and taken into custody.

Stefano Langone's mugshot

Stefano Langone’s mugshot

His DUI is even more scandalous when you consider the fact that during his audition Stefano told an inspiring story about how he almost lost his life in a car crash caused by a drunk driver the year before. That accident left Stefano with several fractures.

Stefano is also known for flashing his abs. He went shirtless on the American Idol stage on season 10.

Stefano Langone shirtless at the gym

Stefano Langone shirtless at the gym

Watch Stefano’s San Francisco audition, he’s singing “I Heard it through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye.

You can watch his video Lay Me Down where his sings in a studio while playing the piano.

Apparently he now goes by SteFano but if you ask me, it’s much easier to find information about him if you search for his full name. He is very active on twitter (@Stefano) and on Youtube (SteFanoMusic).